Concepts, studies, research ...

... are always kind of a try to take a look in the future.

And we love to look in the future ...
... the technological future in common and
... the future of your visions, ideas and projects.

form-i ...

... has more than 20 years of experience in scientific research, technical development and academic education in the fields of interactive media applications, digital media technology, mobile and wearable computing and ambient intelligent systems.

About form-i

form-i ...

... works out technical concepts for the realization of your vision:
helping you to write down the visionary concept, approve it with adequate scientific methods and puiblish it to the scientific and technnical community.

... works out feasibility studies for the realization of your ideas:
helping you to bring the conceptual vision to a constructional product considering all relevant production processes.

... works out market analyses for the realization of the success of your products:
helping you to find the market for your product and to adress it to your customers - and to investors.

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